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JUMP Childrens Charity was inspired by Jacob Hawthorn. Jacob was born as a Millenium baby in June 2000 and was diagnosed with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy in January 2001. His illness had no cure and his family had to face major challenges to come to terms with the impact that the illness would have on Jacobs life span and his abilities to develop and enjoy all the things that other children would.

Jacob's family worked hard to ensure that he was able to enjoy lots of activities andspent a great deal of time taking many photographs and video footage of his day to day activities and adventures, which he loved to look at. Jacob passed away on February 13th 2004 following a special trip to Disneyland Paris to meet all his favourite characters.His photographs and short films have become a lasting tribute to him and recognise his achievements in his short life span, that make his loved ones very proud and smile when they remember him

Our special Charity was established in March 2004 and became registered in August 2004 Our objectives are focussed on working with children with life threatening health conditions to enable them to capture special and unique memories for themselves and their loved ones, that provide positive support during challenging times in their lives and lasting memories for brothers and sisters and other loved ones

The JUMP Team members spend dedicated time with a child and family to plan , organise and capture their memories and this support is all part of why our Charity is so unique. The resulting positive images provide a lasting gift for the child and can enable the long term memory of a child to be cherished by siblings and other loved ones

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